Hive incompetence


Hive staff is not helping at all they just fixing some useless things no one sees and cares about.

More information:

Improve anticheat: Literally Hive is the Hackers server and they are literally filming themselves hacking and literally none of the Hive staff cares (like Packet Client for example). People says put report things to report people or something but even tho we report Hive doesn’t care because they are never online or just to give ranks or add marketplaces stuff just to get money and they aren’t helping players (or just one that wants screenies with normal people with different rank from them).
Not enough Moderators/Hive Staff: There aren’t enough Hive staff and that’s why they don’t ban hackers or there aren’t updates, they are just here to stay with YouTubers. Before Arcade, the last update was 2 years ago and that’s what I’m about when I say incompetence. Also, none of the suggestion are being made or it’s taking 2 years like the update. And what Splodg3r is doing? Helping YouTubers to make their stupid giveaways?
*My idea is to add more Competent Hive staff than right now and to do useful stuff and to have more updates and really ban hackers and teamers. Right now hive is a bad sever even CubeCraft is better and if it continued it’s going to be big mess.

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I don’t care if I’m getting hated or banned, I’m just saying truth and it need to change, it’s becoming worst and worst


Thank you for taking the time to create this topic, however I would like to point out that it is not as simple as just improving the anti-cheat or getting more staff members. I will start off by stating that our developers work on improving the anti-cheat on a regular basis, and as stated on our Hive Bedrock Public Roadmap (you can also view all our planned updates over on our roadmap), the team is working towards anti-cheat improvements. That being said, cheaters will almost always find a way to bypass our anti-cheat, and we work towards stopping them but unfortunately the anti-cheat cannot be made perfect as it is an endless game of cat and mouse between our developers and hacked client developers.

As for hiring new Moderators, the Helper and Moderator roles are completely voluntary i.e. we cannot always be around to ban hackers or help players as we are only required to contribute to The Hive in our spare time. Our staff managers choose new Moderators from our Helper pool whenever they deem fit, and so that decision isn’t up to any of our current volunteer staff members nor are you able to apply for this role.

All that being said, please continue to report any cheaters you encounter - Our Moderation team is trying their best and will eventually get to your reports.

Have a lovely day / night :blobheart: