Hive Hub channel in discord

There needs to be a place in discord that’s not off topic and is a place where you can add images as in general and hice plus chat you cannot ad pictures

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Are you suggesting to add a new channel or to allow pictures in all channels?

We need a #meme channel, make it happen :pray:


On God pizzas

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No I don’t believe pictures should be allowed in all channels I just think there should be a channel where you can post stuff you seeing the hub this channel would be similar to all the other game mode channels

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I think that because of how active the chats are on the discord, this wouldn’t be a good idea because it would just add more for the staff team to moderate. When you add the ability to add pictures to another channel especially if like a memes channel, you open up more potential for someone to send something rule-breaking.


Nah, peopel would send awkward memes

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Hey there :wave:
So from what I’m reading you’re suggesting A Media Channel.
This suggestion is a dupe as it already has been suggested here

Next time use the :mag: feature to make your idea has not been suggested before!
Have a Beetastic day/evening! :beedance:

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Duplicate Suggestion