Hive Error glitch

Hello! Im back to report this bug (it hasnt been patched) im in asia region btw anyways, the bug affects ONLY in the gamemodes (except Block party and Block drop) the bug doesnt kick me out when Im in the hub it mainly kicks me out in game modes in ANY map I play on Mobile heres a Screenshot when I get the bug also I dont replay Pass or id if that somehow helps.

Is there a way I can avoid this?

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Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. Could we have a little more information on what events are taking place before the kick?

We look forward to hearing back!


This has happened to me before whne I joined the game and then I would fall through the floor and get kicked

Yeah so this is due to having a high ping. You will load into a lobby or game and your high ping will cause the map to remain partially loaded for a second, you fall through the floor and Hive Anticheat kicks you for “hacking”. Unfortunately there’s no real way to fix this :pensive:

It can also happen in Treasure Wars when enderpearling a lot. It’s the Anticheat lol

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With that being said, the above post lays out what the issue is. We are working to refine this in the future, but our options for fixing these kinds of issues are limited.

Stay safe and well

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