Hive Discord Abbreviations

In the past there has been a few issues regarding word abbreviations. Myself and others have been muted on the discord for a week for using abbreviations including swear words, which I agree, using swears is wrong, but is very unclear what we can and cannot say regarding this topic specifically.

in order to fix this I think that if we make the rule “No explicit language of any kind, including swearing and cursing” a bit more specific, especially to have this rule address abbreviations as well, I think it could benefit the community greatly so people aren’t confused why they get muted for abbreviations.

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I understand that it should be common sense to not use abbreviations with swears, but many people think using a letter isn’t actually saying word (even though they are implying it). I really hope we can try and fix this problem, I’m open to constructive criticism and feedback on this subject.

I believe the other suggestion was closed as it was worded a bit differently and seen as not doable. However this seems to be a more appropriate fix to the issue which is why she posted it


I made another post about the situation but it was closed because we found a better solution

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i didnt withdraw this post, i withdrew a different one

i’m just gonna assume this is the first forum you’ve been on, cuz i dont understand how you see a post from someone saying they withdrew their own post and somehow thinks they said you withdrawn yours

anyways i now understand that you found a better solution so i voted even tho i dont join the discord


This is very needed in some form, or just telling which words are banned because @NoUsername got muted on the discord for saying the word “simp” which is just absurd, how does one know what the hive decides to ban? Can they ban the word “kill”, not let us know and have everyone get muted?!?! There really needs to be a way to know which words can cause punishment, especially those which aren’t swear words or don’t seem harmful.


Yes, maybe there is some way they can specify for words like that as well, I was informed that telling us those words would only cause more problems in the discord instead of solve them, but if they could somehow address certain areas in which we must avoid specifically, it could make things more clear so the community is able avoid being banned/muted etc. for reasons they weren’t aware of.

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