Hive Costume with cats

Hey guys!

So like my name Says, i like cats. So i got a Idea for a Hive costume.

We can got a black cat, yellow cat, and White cat. Thats like Bear costume, Pink, Blue.

Hub title Idea. “The Meower”

(My first suggestion)

xboxcat37 @ Hive Fan

Hey there! Welcome to the forums! I love your idea!

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There is already a black cat costume, so adding more cat costumes would be confusing, also, please vote for your own suggestion.


Hey this is her first post take it easy.


Thank u! U so epic! Really!

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How to vote?
I dont know how

tap the blue button at the top of your suggestion that says “vote”


How is this “not taking it easy”? This is perfectly fine imo.

thatOtherNerd even gave a nice kind tip.


whats the idea? add a hubtitle ‘the meower’ if you have all the cat costumes?

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Yeah, try to be as clear as possible when suggesting ideas, it gives us a better understanding of your suggestion, its impact in the game, as well as how it can be implemented!

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No, when you pay costume, you got hub title, avatar and the best, costume


what if you get any of the cat costumes you get it?

Yeah! Gyrra and I both understand that, I’m just wondering about the costume, what is the costume that you are actually suggesting?

it is kinda dumb when a user wants a costume for them

like if i made a suggestion called stick costume, it’s pretty obvious where that came from

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Well when I wanted a pineapple costume, it wasn’t because I wanted it for myself, I just wanted a pineapple costume to come to the game, I thought it would be a nice idea and could see where it could go.

also i liked the idea because ari had made some designs for it