Hive Character Creator Skin Accessories


I think it would be awesome if The Hive could partner with the Minecraft Team to create Hive-related accessories for the new character creator! (More info below)

More Information

I don’t know how many of you follow the Minecraft Betas, but In the 1.13 betas and at Minecon Live 2019, Minecraft announced the character creator! A new way to make skins! (I’ll edit in the link to a article all about it in later right here. I think it would be awesome if The Hive could create special accessories for the character creator to put on your skin!

This would be cool! Hive might charge money though but thats fine on my watch


I love this idea, please do this Hive Team.


I agree with this idea. Also, the creator’s coming with 1.13, not 1.14. 1.14 is most likely the bee or nether update, depending on when 1.13’s released

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Haha, didn’t realize I typed 1.14! Thanks for catching my typo!

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But 1.13 hasn’t released yet, so we might have to wait

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The beta has been going for a long time. I think it set a record for longest Bedrock beta. It should release soon!


Anyways you guys are voting on this while we still don’t know if that’s even possible

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I’m guessing December, and it might add the bee stuff too. Same release as java 1.15

I’m pretty sure it’s coming out soon!

I’m pretty sure 1.13 won’t have bees

10th to vote! Yay! Also I agree strongly

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depends on what they’re doing rn. They add something new almost every other beta, and if they wait for the holiday season(like for java 1.15), they’ll probably make it have the bee stuff. I could be wrong though, I’m just saying that because they were talking about getting more parity at minecon.

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