Hive capture the flag should be improved

Hive capture the flag is the newest gamemode of the other the thing that this gamemode and the bridge is already in hive’s competitor cubecraft.But after comparing both the versions cubecraft version of both the games seems to be a little better(mainly capture the flag).The capture the flag is a gamemode where you have to capture enemy’s flag while protecting yours,simple concept but hive format makes it worse and players aswell.To start off the strategy i thought was to cover our flag with given blocks and then attack the enemy but this was destryed by the fact that there is no time for you to not a single minute.This actually effects the game alot cause while building the defense players combo you or steal your flag and run away.
This will lead to really hetic game cause the team(which flag has been stolen)has to rush to get there and other teams flag where the whole team is camping with loads of arrows, diamond swords and better gear.The most annoying thing here is the guy with TnT(lets call him tnt guy),the tnt guy in turn now takes fight and places tnt somewhere near so that if he dies you also die.In turn now the hive’s arcade project was great but came with some flaws.The capture the flag being just an hetic game to just kill people for extra coins or just rush(which is common in every hive game).But i didn’t expect that from hive this time.Why cubecraft’s version is different? Cause they have a preparation time(that the only difference i guess)

Suggestions-There should be a preparation time.Plus there cooldown for capturing the flag when it is returned to base as the hive players exploit this thing by crouching into our defense and immediately take the flag as it is returned.

This is my opinion do share yours aswell :slight_smile: .

I see your points but this feels like another “people are better than me at the block game so I need help via hive adding stuff”
You have plenty of time to prepare, on Lago(s?), I go straight for the enemy flag via teleporters and most of the time the flag has been completely covered up.

Your second point is terrible, the ctf games already take long enough, and you have slowness when you capture the other teams flag. It’s a strategy to have someone crouch and take the flag, you just need to counter it by killing them at some point or finding their location.

While “tnt guy” may be annoying, you can literally just walk away from the tnt, you won’t die most of the time.

I mean some of my points might be terrible but i am not a expert at explaining.I didn’t say that i don’t like rushing or crouching strategy,my point was that it becomes pretty to players have just hide while our whole team is at the enemy base to take our flag back and some guy just steals it after all hardwork.We can tackle that but i was talking about certain situations(i didn’t mention that my bad).I also didn’t say that tnt guy is inescapable or something i just said that it was annoying.I just shared my experience,i didn’t say hive to actually add stuff if players beat the crap out off me.These are just suggestions.
About the prep time,i had cubecraft’s ctf which i got used that why i asked for prep time which cubecraft’s ctf has(crap didn’t mention that aswell).Also i wanted to mention that half of the enemy team attacked at the same time(sometimes the half of the team helps me while building the defense)

I agree i am really inexperienced players and forget to mention a couple of details.So yeah and thank you for your opinion!