Hive Capes 🦸‍♂️

Now i actually came across this idea about a few years ago but now i wanna voice my opinion on it, Hive should let us use our Death Run capes across other games like Survival Games, Hide N Seek, Treasure Wars etc.

Why do i think this is a good idea, if Hive pulls this move they can motivate people to grind the game more + console players underneath Xbox, PS & Nintendo Switch wouldn’t have to depend on capes like the Founders cape / Pancake cape anymore, since those are the only capes we can access right as of now on console edition.

And you can only use the capes you that you have “unlocked in Death Run” which is fair, this will make people grind for these amazing exclusive capes.

The reason why i’m saying this now is because console players don’t have an option to have custom capes like on PC which makes us feel left out.


I really like this idea as it makes console players to be able to wear custom capes, BUT I don’t think Hive would do this. Here is why:

  1. Because Hive likes to be very original and they don’t like to overuse stuff, they would make brand new capes, instead of using the Deathrun capes (partly because the Deathrun capes are for Deathrun and not for the lobby). So, if Hive was to add this, they would have to make their own custom capes for people, which could take quite a long time to make.

  2. The Deathrun capes are specifically made for Deathrun, they even have Deathrun designs on them, so I don’t really think they would look that good in the hub. Also, they wouldn’t be original as literally everyone would be wearing them.

Overall, I think this is a cool idea but Hive would have to add their own spin into it and make custom capes, which I have been wanting for ages now. But, I do understand it would take a lot of time to make a lot of capes. Great Suggestion!


Yes perfect idea, I am a console player and I im tired using the same cape all the time.


yeah it does sound pretty cool idea to have capes at hub after all console and switch gamers struggle about this issues thats right but hive always trying to keep game balanced and well improved at first place . Adding capes doesn’t sound like big deal but i dont think hive stuff members will do it in near future :slight_smile:

I really want hive to add capes that you can buy to wear everywhere, not just in the hub or deathrun. I’m a switch player and this version of the game is already terrible, so why not add some capes (even if they are just simple designs or solid colors) to bring just a little joy to the console players. Ik the there are ways to get capes but it is just way too complicated and time consuming. Tried it once and it doesn’t even work.

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Maybe capes could be unlocked get getting max level in certain games, or from Hive+

Hive+ Cape:

Im good with making my own capes as a PC player and this would be pretty cool to add but like acrobatic_joe said, they would probably have to remake the whole capes and put their own original aspect to them.

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