Hive cape idea - idea by BlackKittynija

So here’s my idea hive makes custom capes that players can wear in lobby’s games etc.

their are 5 types of capes mod, yt, helper, hive plus, and the normal cape that all players can wear,

there is also capes that players can buy that hive made each cape cost around 100 - 140 minecoins you can gift a player a cape that they bought in the hive market place.

You can also get capes from getting max levels.

For skywars when you get max level you get a cape that has a island on it.

For just build you get a cape that has a wood block on it,

for death run you get a cape that has a skull on it,

for murder mystery you get a cape that has a detective hat on it,

and more you can also get capes from events, and if you win in a tournament that is hosted by one of the owners of the server you can make a custom cape the cape designers will add you’re cape idea and it will be a one of a kind thing.

Idk what to put here lol

You will not be able to use capes in death run as they will probably bug out the game, the capes will probably cause lag,

Idk what to put here

I dont think hive really wants capes as costectics except in deathrun
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Please only have suggestions that would make the hive a better place and more fun. 5 capes won’t do much considering they’re are requirements for 4 of them

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custom capes are already possible on windows and android