Hive Bee-Hunt


Hive Bee-Hunt, There are two teams a team hunts down the other team before the runners take the flowers to the Beehive

More information:

This can be Solos Duos or trios Etc.

A team Gets the flowers or pollen to the swarm before the other team kills them/takes the flower this could be a game for Mixed Arcade and it would be based of the premise of Manhunt so alot of dream Stans will play profit ++

It would helpful if you elaborate more :grin:

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Look at the post above me


sure im making a vid about it probably

I like the idea.

If the hive doesn’t make this i might ngl it seems real fun

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yeah if you will make it just give me some credit lol

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This is a great idea
Hive should make a gamemode like this

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