Hive anticheat MAC address ban

My idea is to make the anticheat ban the device rather than the account (not using ip address)

So like why won’t the anticheat instead of banning the account that can be recreated, why won’t the anticheat use the MAC address if it is possible?

So when a user log in, it will record it’s device MAC address, as it won’t be changed like the ip address, so when that user cheat, it will ban the account, and ban the whole MAC address, and as the MAC address is unique to the device and can’t be changed, so that the player can’t log in with another account unless if they changed the device.

(I am not that good at programming I am still new so that may not work)

Unfortunately, this would not be possible.

If my understanding is correct, I believe in most cases your MAC address can only be used on a local network. That means the websites you visit, for example, don’t have access to your MAC address like your IP address. MAC addresses are usually used for local network related stuff, and don’t really go beyond that. The Hive nor any other website should not in any way have that information, anyway.

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