Hint for new players who are Deaths

I was thinking that since Murder Mystery has this feature that if you don’t kill anyone (for a minute or smth like that) while being the murderer, a hint shows up on your screen saying to eliminate the players with your sword or throwable. I would’ve told you what it exactly said but I forgot :frowning:

What if this same sort of thing was implemented in DeathRun for newer players and players who don’t know how to activate traps or Death tools? I was thinking that if a death doesnt activate any traps for 15 seconds, it can say a reminder like…

Use the slime ball in your hotbar to activate traps!

If you could give me feedback or anything on how this could work or work better, then please let me know.

Thank you for reading this far :smiley:


I also had ideas in mind to tell players how to skip to the next traps…

“Use the arrow in your hotbar to skip to the next trap.”

“Use the stick to go back to a previous trap.”

It should just be an automatic message at the start of every game you get death in, on many maps people can easily finish in under a minute


I changed my post

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This can be useful :ok_hand: :+1: