Hight spam bannable or lowering build hight the the bridge

It is so agricating when someone spammed bridging at build high so they should lower it or ban it


ya i think its dumb u can place blocks over the other players island bc u cant build a long bridge str8 over to here u drop right on the bridge and make a mad dash right to there pit

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ehh. Maybe on certain things parts of the island but don’t remove it for every spot that’s just dumb

Thanks for the suggestion, I would like to try that
(just kidding I don’t need to use such an unfair method to win)
Why don’t you just use snowballs, or make a tower yourself

It’s to slow or to precise

Ahh well, anyway i don’t play the bridge that much anyway, its too laggy and glitches a lot

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Yeah, it’s possible to make a bridge at height limit that leads straight to your goal with basically no way to be stopped if the other team didn’t also build up.


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well u can build a bridge from ur spawn to straight to the other island and if u have like leap u can have it stop just b4 the the island and leap almost to the goal


yeah I realized that. Should of waited to respond to this. I played one game against my brother who was on console. You can literally bridge to the hole. So yeah that needs to be nerfed badly. Probably either a lower build hight and hopefully a way where you can still place blocks at their base just not in the air over the whole where you just jump in every game

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As some other suggestions also added this. Hive acknowledged this and might be added soon
Have a Great One :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That would be nice

Yea I think the hive will approve this like MasterJim said

Can this be approved since it was added?

Since the day 1 balance patch for the bridge, build height has now been lowered

See more here: The Bridge: Day 1 Balance Patch