Hider finder for seekers

Its pretty hard to win as seeker so maybe they could add something like the innocent finder thing in mm. It would appear in the last minute or 30 seconds of the game.

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Uhhh I’m confused. You put H&S as the flair and put it in the title, yet mentioned innocents and MM?

If you meant the former, I think it’d be pretty interesting (30 seconds is a little too long, though, in my opinion). But how exactly would it work? Would there be some sort of indicator above the hider similar to taunts that would give their position away?


Hm, I agree that seekers need an easier way to find hiders. One way to find hiders is to memorize the whole map, or at least most of it which could be pretty annoying, so I can see where you are coming from.


Hahaha I know someone who is very good and when we play with him we win every time at seeker so just play a lot u can be a pro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m saying pretty much take the innocent detecter from MM and give it to the seekers in H&S when the game is about to end.

OH thats what you meant by innocent detector. My mistake, I haven’t really been on in quite some time.

If the time were lowered to say 20 or so seconds, then yes, I’d really like for this to be added. Could definitely add some intensity to the game.

This would ruin the entire point of Hide and Seek. It works in Murder Mystery because you’re not meant to hide in the same spot for 5 minutes.