Hide&Seek - Pripryat - hard spot to hit hiders


Love the update in Hide&Seek ! Just noticed one spot that is pretty hard to get, and where seekers can be nearly invincible from there. Glasses got added, so it kinda defies the “fix” made there.
Screenshot attached. You can get in this spot with some parkour technique : double jump on ceiling, then jump around the block.
Here is an exemple : replay id 49771,105dcff1f02d9379, go to 00:36 and teleport to me ]

More information:

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Next time you file a report, make a post in the Server Bug Reports section. :robot:

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I don’t think it’s a bug I think it’s a suggestion to change the hiding spot


u can get up there with just a neo, def not a hard enough spot to reach to justify a nerf

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and of course they’d go after that too now

you’re only invincible against new players, it’s a terrible spot when there’s even a single good seeker in the lobby (the map in general is terrible for hiders)


which is why gray wool and cobble should be hide-as-able blocks

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