Hide & Seek Lvs

Okay so me and my friend absolutely love the game mode hide & seek but there are only 20 lvs and nothing really fun to do after you memorize all the maps, it just becomes stale extremely rapid, so i suggest maybe more lvs.

There should be more lvs and it should be more difficult to obtain, maybe add particle affects for the highest lv if that’s possible, if not maybe an option for another block, if you reach max lv.

Level 20 limit is as fine as it is, it doesn’t need any changes at all

Well they could make a update to Hns because they do update all the mini games
but i think it would be more like a map or two because right now the level doesn’t matter, only the maps and skywars (which is being developed).


um what

hns needs updating


I agree to because I like hide and seek and I agree there should be more levels up to 30 or 50

Hive already as H&S content update planned