Hide n' Seek bug

The bug is very simple to do, you can go to outside map by turn off your WIFI/data then break the block near front of you, the disconnection notice wont pop up in few seconds but after like 6-10 sec the notice showed up(note:to the bug you’ll need to be seeker first)

(Easy break blocks, Leaves,Glass, Concrete powder,Wood, Dirt,Lantern and Wool)

Pypriyat:The wall leaves in the road we’re you can break it then go outside

SunsetTerrace:Break the wood you’ll standing in bridge

NexusCity:Can go walk through the houses just breaking the glass

Mansion:Break the wall wood in storage

(all maps in Hide n’ Seek that had easy break blocks)

Android (Realme RMX2021)

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This is actually an issue with Minecraft itself. If you find anyone escaping the map like this, please report them.

As only seekers can do this, it isn’t too much of a problem as it won’t affect other players in the game.