Hide and Seek Update

when players find a hiding spot, really the only thing to do next is just wait for 5 minutes until the game ends. I feel like this would get boring to most players, as it does for me. So I’ve thought of a way to make this more fun and interesting. My suggestion is to add a cooldown feature that makes the player have to move maybe every 30 seconds, so they can’t stay in the same place the entire game. If players stay in the same spot for longer than 30 seconds, they start taking damage. This feature would, in my opinion make the game more interesting and fun because the player has to move around and try to avoid the seekers to make it more of a challenge. Ty

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Hey there! A Hide & Seek Update is currently being planned! You can view that and other upcoming features on the Hive’s public Trello roadmap!



My gosh didn’t even see that. Thanks

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It has an incredibly low priority though