Hide and Seek Map's translation mistake

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Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):

Hide and Seek Map ‘Talavera’.

Affected Text:

Suggested Text:

Explanation of Issue:

I found a sign in a shop written in Hive in Seek map Talavera. This Spanish text is written on it which kinda means in English one sugar skull is in 3 Mexican Pesos in the store

Reason for 1st suggested Text:

i noticed they meant Sugar Skulls by CALAVERAS DE AZÚCAR logically one piece of Sugar skull is selling in 3 Mexican pesos not all Sugar skulls in their store in 3 Mexican pesos!! However CALAVERAS DE AZÚCAR is plural and CALAVERA DE AZÚCAR is singular.

Reason for 2nd Suggested Text:

CALAVERITA DE AZÚCAR and CALAVERA DE AZÚCAR means exactly same but a little bit different.
Mexican use CALAVERA word not only for candy but also refer to any artistic representations of skulls or skeletons which can cost more then 3 Mexican pesos lol. where locan Mexican knows CALAVERITA DE AZÚCAR for using candy skull made of sugar. Moreover making a candy for children according to the tradition.

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Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion.

This isn’t actually a translation, and is just part of the map.

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