Hide and seek hat remover

hat remover

In hide and there is a way to wear costumes but when you select a hat you can’t remove it (like wearing no hat) and i suggest a hat remover feature.

Sometimes when you wear a hat like “cat ears” it does not fit for the rest of the costume and you’ll be stuck with it. And sometimes we look better without a hat.

But still–you should have the ability to reset to default. In tw you can keep the treasure the way it looks at lvl 1. And the kill phrase as well.

In sw, you can reset your flag to the lvl 1 flag. And the kill phrase as well. In sg you can make the kill phrase default (lvl 1). In dr, you can reset the cape to nothing, or the lvl where it is unlocked. In MM, you can change the way your grave looks. Or set it to default.

Only hns and jb don’t have options to reset to default. Yes, in jb you cannot un equip the helmets I believe. And the fly particles once selected can only be upgraded.




I have not checked in hide and seek but I noticed in treasure wars that there is a reset to default option for customizables, so I think this might be implemented, can someone verify that please, because I am unable to currently.

This was added in the new level update

This can be closed now


Bro a halo
i want that

i’m only level 21 though

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We have added the ability to reset your cosmetic selections to all games :slightly_smiling_face: