Hide and Seek Cheating

Hide and Seek - All maps

Hi. I noticed a bug/cheat/exploit in hide and seek. In the Hive, if you are in the hub, you can teleport to your friends, even if your friends are mid-game. If you teleport to a friend mid-game, you will be invisible, and can fly. The problem is if you are playing hide and seek and a friend teleports to you from the hub, your friend can now select any player in the game and teleport to them. Then your friend can tell you where the hiders are located by simply teleporting to them. No one else will know your friend is there because they’re invisible and I think can’t chat. This could be used to cheat massively.

This is known as ghosting and is against the rules, however it is hard to enforce, hive can’t really do anything about this except disable spectators

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Some times by brother helps me out so there is not much to do about this