Hide and seek bows

I have over 1,000 games played and from what i’ve seen there are a ton of hackers, most go outside of the map, most go on top of buildings, so i believe one of the best counters is to give seekers a bow, and maybe hiders a little bit of chain/leather armor to balance things out.

Let’s say there is a parkour master hider, he is extremely fast so it’s very frustrating dealing with these type of players when the purpose of hide and seek is in the name, so it would also deal with frustrating things such as that.

P.S maybe every seeker should get around 5 arrows so it isn’t that overpowering

Just a thought, thanks for reading

or the name could be changed to hide and seek tag

This could lead to some issues, and really lean it in the seekers favor, would be good for this, not so much other things, not really for or against this


also give bows to hiders with an arrow cooldown

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