Here's a suggestion

Idea: actually ban hackers lmao

Why don’t you actually try banning hackers (just an idea, probably won’t happen)

More information: I’ve seen lots of hackers

I’ve recently seen lots of hackers around, and it’s REALLY annoying when I lose a game to some kid who thinks he’s cool because he can install hacks. Some of them are DEFINITELY hackers, while others might just be the laggiest people on Earth, but either way, it’s probably a good idea to ban hackers, just saying. And also, if I report someone and they ARE hacking, how long will it take for them to get banned?

The Hive developers are constantly working on their anti-cheat. You can report hackers on the hive discord.


I get frustrated with hackers like everyone, but I struggle to understand how this suggestion is useful in any way.

Hive has already gotten replay in treasure wars and skywars, and will get it in more games and is working on in-game reporting. How effective these solutions will be isn’t something we can determine yet, and since you aren’t really suggesting anything, all we can do is wait


This suggestion is to suggest hive to ban people?

Yeah. Not every anti-cheat is perfect.

Nothing is really, hehe. But you get my point. Developers of the anti-cheat are trying to work it out so that it does kick out the bad guys and not the good guys, because it can kick innocent people on accident. Replays of matches will (hopefully) be a good way to bust out cheaters and hackers.

It depends. I believe if there are too many reports being made at one time, it could probably take up more time. But if you don’t include sufficient proof or any proof then they won’t get banned.

If you want hackers to get banned, why not get a recording of it? Maybe a few screenshots of them flying or clipping through places where they are not supposed to be in? Just some helpful reminders, this is why I always have a recording app with me lol. But I can agree that not everyone are able to record or something like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are continuously working on improving our anti-cheat, it has always been, and will continue to be a priority for us.

As for the claim that we don’t ban cheating players our volunteer moderators ban hundreds of cheaters every single day, this does not include the countless others that are detected by our anti-cheat systems and automatically removed from games.

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