Helping command for players

Adding new command called /re q to re q easily

Hey there! You can do /q for the game list.
You can also use these:
Murder Mystery: /queue MURDER
DeathRun: /queue DR
Survival Games: /queue SG | /queue SG-DUOS
Hide and Seek: /queue HIDE
Treasure Wars: /queue WARS | /queue WARS-DUOS | /queue WARS-
| /queue WARS-SQUADS | /queue WARS-MEGA
SkyWars: /queue SKY | /queue SKY-DUOS | /queue SKY-TRIOS | /queue SKY-SQUADS
Just Build: /queue BUILD | /queue BUILDX | /queue BUILD-DUOS | /queue BUILD-DUOSX


I know that but /re q will be easier to write if u wanna play the same game again