Help, My default region was EU ( cos I'm from Europe) but no it has changed to NA

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
My default region was eu but now, it has changed to NA

What is the bug?
i am taken to NA by default, instead of EU.

Screenshots and/or video:

Please can someone help me out!

Hey there,

This may occur if you are using a custom DNS provider or a VPN, is this the case?

If not, I recommend manually connecting to



It might be because of this? i dont know but i am just guessing :sweat_smile:
sorry if im wrong.


This is likely why :sweat_smile:

@EarthHades are you still having this issue?

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No. sorry for wasting your time, it had fixed a few hours later when i turned my PC off. :smiley:
The same happened with my ALT account but when i turned it off it had reset back to EU.
and i didn’t see that post sorry :smiley:

Alright then, this will get closed sooner or later.

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yep (minimum charachters)

I’ll mention an admin to close it @Splodg3r