Have a Q&A once in a while

There’s a lot of stuff that we, the players, should get to know. Hive has always stated they want to be more open with us, but never really does. The buzz was a great addition to communication, but a Q&A every once in a while would top the cake. Giving us a lot more juicy details about a lot more random stuff about the Hive.

Here are some examples(hopefully I didn’t miss these answer(s) if they already answered them😅):

What happened to leaderboard rewards?
Why does quests v2 keep getting pushed back?
Will this new challenge system coming in bedwars replace quests v2?
Have your thoughts/plans about hub games changed, like will we see them added like the upcoming parkour worlds is, in microhubs?
Why does locker improvements keep getting pushed, down the to-do list?
When can we expect input device match making to come out?

Then of course opinions on stuff like:

Pets in games/waiting lobbies?
Updating sg?
Updating jb?
Having outside studios updating some Hive games, like
Mineplex is doing?

Vote for your topic :muscle: this is an awesome.post


Great idea, maybe they can make a channel in their discord and do a q&a :thinking: Voted!



Maybe they could sneak some of these things in the buzz that’s coming up :face_with_monocle: