/hacker for hacker

One command that is in a lot servers the hive does not have.
It will make less hackers by putting fear in them and make it a more anti hacker server.

Hi there, that is very useful because there are a lot of hackers nowadays. However, the Hive has in game reporting planned, it’s just a matter of when they’ll release it/move it to coming next on their public roadmap. Please make use of the search feature to make sure others haven’t already suggested what you have. :upside_down_face:


Link to the roadmap- from left to right is the closest to coming
(If a card is at the top, i.e. just build follow up, it’s the closest to coming out)


Looks similar to /report and in-game reporting is in progress like @CommanderCweamy “mentioned”


Thanks for telling me any way they are the same

Agreed. Btw hackers are usually noobs as they know that they cant beat anyone without hacking so thats why the hack.


Most leader board people Are the same bc most of there wins are through a party
And I say they need solo leader board.

ah yes they will fear one of their 1,000 free alts getting banned


that isnt really true

A better way to put it is its more of a wanted skill/actual skill situation, the hacker also doesn’t really care if he is legit. Because sometimes decent players will closet cheat to gain more of an advantage. But if someone flies they either are just not very good and want a stats boost, or burnt out of the vanilla server experience.


If they say stuff like this “(number) accounts got banned this week”
Like how they say “join us on discord”
Maybe one day they might have hacker shields like how life boat has.

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