Ground wars

Someone who works for Hive: should change the name from ground wars to honey wars and you can throw flying bees instead of eggs because ground wars is just kinda random and honey wars would make more sense. Still keep all the power-ups though.

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Maybe renaming it to egg wars could be cool, but it is kind of fighting over the “ground” that is being moved whenever you kill someone…also welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums @FireFlies6601! :wave:

Groundwars originally game from the easter LTM gamemode. The minigame is from the original game called “Turf Wars”

The hive will not be changing game names and will not change all this up.

I suspect they added the game to arcade because we may be getting a brand new easter LTM!

It cant be changed to egg wards at it sounds too much like the game in (Server Advertisement Block).
Which is basically treasurewars on the hive and would definitely get people confused (Maybe)

Overall I have to disagree with your suggestion, Sorry

No, I completely understand


cubecraft already has egg wars so ig it might be confusing to ppl and it’s two completely different games.

also it’s called “ground” wars bc you try to take over the most ground

oh i thought it was from “snow wars”

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I think there was turf wars origanally, then snow wars, i think it was snow wars 2021 christmas, but dont quote me on that


It was snow wars and turf wars at the same time. People called it both


When the game was invented, it was originally called “Turf Wars”

Turfwars is from a different server guys, not from The Hive. Both snow wars and ground wars are Hive originals.

I didn’t mention the server name because I don’t want to risk getting a strike for advertising lmao

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as long as you actually try to advertise the server i don’t think you’ll get a strike by just mentioning the servers name

I dont take my chances lmao

Hey there! Welcome to the forums :wave: :beedance:
Ground wars had an original name called turf wars, and the point of ground wars, is if you didnt notice, if your team’s colour is full in the lane, you win and everytime someone kills someone, the ground gets +1 lane until one of them reaches the opponent’s base.

I suggest making the throwing bees a cosmetic that you can get.


Your whole post confuses me but the main thing that’s getting my attention is the comma between “wars” and “is”, the comma should go after the “is” not before it.

Also I think this is all known information, and while you leave lots of stuff out (like how ur “ground” increases by 1x(round number) per kill not just a flat +1 per kill, or how you can also win after the 4th or 5th fight phase if ur team has more territory than the other team), for the most part this is accurate.

I’m just confused about why u posted this, I feel that explaining the game isn’t relevant here and kinda clutters the thread (tho this post is so clutter too lol).

I do like ur idea of throwing or shooting bees tho, as that could be very cool.

Yea i didnt notice and my english is bad. (Mainly coz im indonesian)

I dont understand and u dont have to write an essay because i said “i dont understand” okay

Is this to this post or to me

its to you, I like the idea alot