Ground Wars Suggestions & Ideas

I’ve never played ground wars but judging by what Xyturial said it’s basically snow wars but with eggs and a spring theme so here are some suggestions (this also applies to snow wars but obviously modify to fit the winter theme for that)

You can unlock these by getting enough kills, breaking enough blocks, or they can spawn on the ground and you pick it up if you step on it or maybe tap on it.

  • After getting maybe 5 kills you could unlock something that can destroy multiple blocks at a time (like instead of throwing eggs maybe a chicken launcher >:3) but maybe you can only shoot it once or twice

  • Blindness Egg (maybe it could look enchanted) when you throw it if it hits a player they’re blind for 3 seconds ish

  • Instant Wall Builder, this could build a two block high and maybe four block wide wall

  • Double boosters, if you get one then it doubles the amount of blocks or snowballs (you could get a block 2x booster or snowball 2x booster) in your hotbar/inventory

  • Player Launcher (maybe looks like another enchanted egg or like an egg rocket launcher looking thing) when throwing it at someone it shoots them up in the air like what happens when you try to cross the border

Team Boosters

  • Losing team can have their colored blocks rain down (this might cause collision problems though) to help them build
  • Losing team could have their snowballs and blocks increased by 20%

Miscellaneous Additions

  • Harder to destroy blocks. Besides concrete, maybe concrete powder, brick, wool, etc. etc.

That is all for now, I might update this later. Thanks for reading!


I really like this suggestion, not just because it adds good thing, but because it will make the game more interesting and, dare I say it, actually fun to play. Good job!


I agree. You have my vote! :beedance: :fox_face: :smiley:

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I think this would be awesome! I’ve always found ground/snow wars kind of boring so this would spice it up.

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Thanks to everyone!
Let me know if you have any other ideas too and I will add them. :slight_smile:

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Additionally, if a team is losing by a lot maybe there can be some sort of boost to help the underdogs. Like blocks of their color could rain down (though that might create weird collision glitches so I’ll keep thinking) or maybe they get like 10 more snowballs and 10 more blocks, something like that.

Also, to make the game more exciting, maybe harder to break blocks besides concrete (some blocks that take like two-three snowballs to break) but those blocks are hard to obtain.

I really like your ideas! You have my vote. Thanks for suggesting this!

I really feel like this would bring some more strategy to the game. More strategy = more engaging and a far better and fun experience.

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Thanks Xyturial!
Also for snow wars do you know if it would be possible for the hive to make maybe like a snow golem (I forgot what they were called but a pumpkin on two snow blocks makes one of these in survival I believe) that maybe shoots one snowball every five seconds or so and moves left to right in the place the user put it down until the other team throws a snowball at it?