Good at using a bow? check this out

Idea: a new hub title

More info:

The Bow Master

How to Earn: Shoot 1,000 opponents with a bow and arrow. (not in a row, in total)

You can achieve this title by playing any game where you can use a bow (murder, skywars, treasure wars, survival games)

The Bow Spammer******


Interesting, but there’s no way to communicate it, and it doesn’t really have anything similar, so it would likely have to be part of a bigger achievements update

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I cry, I’m mobile. :sob:

Isn’t it much easier to use a bow on mobile?


Not at all. :flushed:

Wow if this actually gets added, the majority of people I shot with bows is gonna mostly be from murder mystery…

I’ve shot the murderer almost 700 times…the most amount of people I’ve actually shot bows at in any game with bows…

Don’t advertise bow spamming

I don’t think I have ever used a bow in TW.
I only use it in SW and MM

its easier on mobile than it is for console, but im pretty sure its easiest on pc. Any Pc players??

Honestly that’s would be true.

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I’ve only done that 3 or 4 times

I dont know if this is just me, but yeah its much easier to control on Pc and you can shoot faster than Mobile, but mobile is still good for bows,

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Yeah, with controller, its so hard to aim the thing

Did you read the invis text?

How to read the invisible text?

bowing is really useful in survival games

Kind of is

(sorry if i my grammar is wrong or spelling my eyes are dead.)

when i joined the hive i was really good at the bow.
but now i barely use it.
this will be a good idea, but i wonder will the hive team exept it
it is like a side quest
but 10 arrows 100 games

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Do like a quest

shoot 10 people with a bow in any game

or just in like tw or sw for 30QP

btw I hate bowspamming, but it would be an interesting quest