Goat kit idea ( for sky kits )

i wanted a new spell that damages players as you walk past them then it hit me, i could suggest a new kit for sky kits.

hive lacked goats so the kit name would be “Goat Kit”. the new spell would be named “Spell of Ramming”, it would give you speed like the spell of swiftness but if you touch a player while you have the effect, it will launch them as far as the spell of shielding can. it would give you 6 seconds of swiftness and you cant hit or mine anything while you have the effect.

the whole kit:

  • 1 spell of ramming ( regenerates every 20 seconds )
  • protection 1 iron helmet

note: if this was already an idea, i am terribly sorry, i am a bit new to the forums. i just searched goat kit and nothing popped up.

feel free to comment some concerns or additions to this

edit1: the spell of ramming will launch you 4 blocks and once you successfully ram a player, you will lose the swiftness

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Can you specify the how far it would launch a player ?
Other than that, the idea’s cool and both the pros and cons seem balanced. Definotely would be a good addition to Sky Kits.
BTW, you can vote for your own suggestion too !
And, a huge welcome to the Hive forums !!

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i dont know how that work so or if it’s possible on the coding end, but it’s hilarious.


this is pretty overpowered considering the recharge time is only 20 seconds. maybe make the recharge time longer, I made a suggestion about wizard kits. There are a lot of people suggesting wizard but every people’s suggestion was different.
My wizzard buff is that you can double every 50 seconds, you have a second life if you die once. Your hearts will be reffilled automatically when you respawn. You only have have 7 hearts tho not just when respawn but also when the game starts

most of the kits are overpowered already :3 so i think this is fine also it will launch you 4 blocks :eyes:

What im saying is the cooldown Is too fast. Plus 4 block launch?!? Thats too op my guy. I did vote for you idea cause my wizard idea can double jump in the air after cooldown so if you try to ram me, id just go to the next island

the reason on why i made it 20 seconds is because you have to run or like touch that person, not like punch. so its not really overpowered, you basically cannot really ram a jumping enemy or a bridging enemy unless you go close and its 6 seconds of speed

I really like this kit! I find that is isn’t really overpowered, and it’s balanced. While it is op, because you can launch people, it isn’t any more overpower than literal in invisibility! I really like this kit, and I’m voting it!

this is an amazing suggestion
i want to see people get absolutely launched by a hive steve


Oh, i thought your like gonna get to the direction your look when using it then if you hit someone, they dead