Glitch where murderer doesn't kill

In Murderer mystery on every map there is a glitch for me where sometimes even if i hit them perfectly they don’t die

I play on PC on Windows 11 on a really fast computer and my internet is pretty speedy to but the only reason I can see this happening is lag but its not my internet so does it not kill the person you are trying to kill if they are lagging? or is the server lagging? or is it a bug that other people also experience

Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. When hits don’t register on Minecraft it can be a number of things

  • Input delay or input issues from your device
  • Lag
  • Your device and hardware plugged into your computer
  • Programs running on your device
  • The server

We aren’t currently aware of any abnormal issues with hit registration, we will keep an eye on it but please make sure your hardware is working and that there aren’t any third-party applications interfering with your hit registration.

Stay safe and well

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