Give Hive Partners Fly Permissions in the Hub

I’m honestly suprised that this hasn’t been suggested before, as this would be really useful, and cool, for Hive partners for multiple reasons. I feel like this would be super useful to be able to get some neat thumbnails, and fly away from crowds following them in the hubs.


Good idea +1 vote


I’m just sub-consciously not keen on this as I feel flying in the hub should be exclusive to staff members.

If Hive Partners don’t want crowds following them, they can toggle rank and name.


I see no harm in it

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That makes sense, but I feel as if the pros outweigh the cons here


I see two minor cons:

-They fly onto a major structure such as the Hive sign and the Pumpkin and are spammed by people for tp’s when they can’t tp.

-They fly around nicked and people report them for fly hacking.

I think though these two outcomes have a low chance of happening though.


The asking for TP’s happens all the time with staff, that is a great point and will cause more spam than it already does, especially with the amount of Hive Partners.

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They’d definitely have to do something where it wouldn’t let you fly while nicked.


Does this include the YT and Streamer rank?
Coz yeah that makes sense

wont this mess with the anticheat

i dont think thers counter to this other than disabling anticheat on that person
which might let the person,hack/cheat off cam

Well you know, the anticheat doesn’t detect staff members flying in the lobby so why can’t they make it do the same with partners? They can turn on the check again in the games. Besides, any partner cheating would be stupid of them and I don’t believe many or even any will ever think about that.


I feel like this would cause confusion amongst people. People might think that you are hacking and would report you.

There are certainly pros and cons to this being implemented.


  • Partners will be able to get neat thumbnails
  • Easily allow partners to get content that’s in the hub
  • Additional perks for Partners
  • Easily isolate themselves from the crowd
  • No longer needing to ask staff for TPs


  • Mistaken as hackers when nicked
  • If Partners happen to get into places where players can’t access, it will cause confusion
  • Mistaken as staff members, (seeing as some people don’t know Mods and above are able to fly)
  • Allowing Partners to easily finish quest than other players in the hub; example: the Halloween Ingredients Quest in the Hub to find all the ingredients to get the rewards.

But in the end, it’s indeed a nice suggestion that could possibly be up for discussion and how to reduce the cons and possible confusion that may come to the minimum but that’s up to Hive Staff to decide whether or not to implement this perk to Partners.


Honestly people with hive+ and kangaroo title should be able to fly in the hub

i think that the first two can be eliminated by a rule that if you are nicked, you cant fly.

Besides if you are nicked why would anyone crowd you?

the anticheat doesnt work on the hive staff (or thats what i think)

Yeah that’s exactly what I said, why are you repeating it

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like they intentionally removed them from the plyers list which means they are not monitore

if they do that to youtubers they may cheat off cam and the anticheat wont notice
im not saying people would do this but its a possibiltity

You know that this suggestion is about the hub and not ingame which means that they can’t cheat in games? Edit: slime just said that.

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I was just about to suggest this lol
Anyway, yeah this should be added