Give a 7 day free trial for the replay mod pass

So there are probably some players like me who cannot purchase the replay mod pass is because either their parents dont allow them to buy in game stuff or maybe having low balance of minecoins. In order to make it up to this, Hive could give like a 7 day free trial for the replay mod pass, whereby players can have the pass for up to 7 days for free, but just without the cosmetics for having the pass. Then after the 7 day free trial, it will eventually be removed from the player

Like you know for the youtube premium whereby there is a 1 month free trial then after that it is monthly subscription, Hive could also use that idea of giving a 7 day free trial for the replay mod pass then after that needing to pay 830 minecoins if they want the full access to the replay mod pass

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totlly agreed


Maybe 7 days instead of 3

Running replay is actually kinda expensive.
Hive would be spending a lot of money if they added this.

Either you buy it
or get it gifted by entering giveaways or something.

I can see them giving existing Hive+ owners a 3 - 5 day trial of the replay system, but I can’t really see them providing a trial for everyone.

I guess it all depends on the server costs in order to do this, or if the replay system isn’t as popular as they may have hoped it would be.

Mabey they could do it simular to cs. They could give access to 6 disfferent replays each week