Giftable Redeem Codes

Currently, if you win a certain giveaway, you get given a redeem code. you then do /redeem [code] to get the cosmetic/rank. However, if you already have this cosmetic and you want to give it to someone else, you have to tell them what to do and what the code is. This is hard if they dont have discord: others might see the code in chat and pinch it. So, i think it would be useful to be able to gift someone using that code. For example

/redeem [code] - gift for you
/gift [player] [code] - gives the gift contained in the code to the desired recipient.

this would be useful for giveaways on like yt.
I just have 1 question. When you do

once you do the command are you allowed to use the code yourself? Or does it not let you.

no, the command shown gives the code to a friend/anyone. Once you gift someone that code you cant use it yourself. you only get codes from discord giveaways atm

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Can you pls tell me
When are you dropping the gifts
This is my request
Thanks !

even tho u r new to the community this not the place to ask that question tho the answer would in NA region as that is where it is most of the staff are from also don’t bump topics (comment a long time afte the last comment) unless you have something good to say

The idea is very usefull.