Ghost speed in deathrun

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):

What is the bug?
I recieved a ghost/fake speed effect which did not go away. I think I recieved it at the end of the snowfall map.

Screenshots and/or video:


I assume this has only happened to you once? If it’s not actually giving you the effect, it is likely that this is just a visual client-side glitch that reloading should fix. Let me know if you have more information :slight_smile:

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It never gave me this effect in any map as Runner. When I left the game as Death (because someone invited me to their party), I still had the effect (just a visual glitch, you don’t have real speed.) in lobby.
I think you left the game as Death some games before. @BlueSlimeMC

Oh right that might have been it.
I know it’s fake speed but still doesn’t it count as a bug or is it not fixable because it is client side only??

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You are probably right, @BlueSlimeMC. But It’s very likely that you left a game as Death some games before.

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Yes, I said:

And I need 20…