Ghost pet MM

Ghost pet,

After getting all 100 souls in mm you should also get a pet ghost
Screenshot 2022-10-22 10.39.30 PM

this would be a great way to start a new concept of earning pets

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iirc hive said you’ll never be able to earn pets. However, I do think a buyable pet for the normal price would be amazing!


I like the idea, but earn pets? Pets r not earnables they r purchaseables, so I think This will not be added exept If u can purchase it :sweat_smile:

Cool! Although the 100 souls collected has already have the “Soul Hunter” costume so maybe like 200? The Hive team has said you will never be able to “earn” pets. Awesome Idea!

Love The Idea To Buy The Ghosts Here’s A Moc Of The Ghost I Made


Awesome design I think this would be a great addition to the Hive Server! What program did you make this on?

It seems like they used blockbench

Ok thanks!

Yea Blockbench You Got My Vote Tolho Your Idea Is Good!

sure it would be cool to have a 200 souls collected secret

cool! i like the design

I think a Ghost pet would be cool, but buyable and not obtainable through souls, as that’s way too easy to get…(already mentioned but Hive is not adding free pets so that’s out the window)

Great suggestion though! Love the design @nsnustead :blobheart:


I Alredy Have 57. I Am So Exited To Get Him!

Maybe a ghost hat instead?

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