Ghost Invasion Issues & Feedback

Ghost Invasion has a problem. The issue is, if you are a Ghost, you win. If you’re a human, you lose. Simple.

Possible fixes:

-Increase the range of the Zapper

-Decrease range of the Ghost detonation

-Faster Zapper reload time

-Make Ghosts slower than humans

-More parkour in maps to outrun Ghosts

This game’s concept is really fun and addicting and I would play it non-stop if it wasn’t rigged so the Ghosts win every time.

Let me know what you think about this and vote if you agree. Thanks!


Honestly since Ghost Invasion is an LTM, I don’t see this ever being added since people only play it for a month

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This was true until, I won…as a human… “Simple”


Yeah, I’ve only won as a human twice (once due to a hacker, but that’s irrelevant). I’m not sure what if any steps need to be taken to even the game, but I’d think ghost speed would be a good place to start :slight_smile:

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Okay, but you do see the problem though? In that sentence, I meant a very large majority of the time humans lose and ghosts win. Why are you being sarcastic and adding nothing to the conversation?

u dont have to get so triggered over a bit of sarcasm

u said this

i get that ghosts win many a times but its not so “simple” as u wud say XDD

Ghosts are way too op I get why you want to nerf them since it’s hard to win as a human and I don’t have a single win as a human so I get why you want it to be nerfed.

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Those fixed would just make it that only Humans Win and not the Ghost.
Lowering the zapper cooldown would just make the already zapper spam worse.
Making ghosts slower would just cause that they can’t get near the humans.
And the explosion radius Thing of the Ghosts is like already only 3-5 blocks