Ghost Invasion is Extremely Unfair

These may seem like little, minor problems, but I assure you they have cost me 80%, mostly to people who abuse these.

Ghost Explosion Radius
The ghost explosion radius is ridiculously high. I do not know exactly how big the radius is, but I believe it is 5 blocks. This is a major problem. Many ghosts have killed me through walls this way, meaning I have no way to defend myself if I am hiding. It also just seems like too big of a radius in general.

Gun Accuracy/Ghost Hitboxes?
This problem has not affected me as much as the ghost explosion radius, but its still something that should be addressed. Sometimes when I shoot my gun and I am certain its aimed at the ghost, it doesn’t kill the ghost. This sometimes go so far as to me shooting and AFK ghost point blank so I have 100% certainty I am hitting the ghost, but the ghost didnt die. The line of the gun went straight through it.

I think these two problems need to be fixed. For the Ghost Explosion Radius, reduce it to 3 blocks-ish. This way, maybe ghosts wont be able to kill you through walls or get you from places you cant defend yourself against. For gun accuracy, maybe modify players that are ghosts to have their hitboxes be around the entire ghost model, if the case is that the hitbox isnt lined up with the ghost model.

Thank you.

Wow I’m an idiot, I didn’t know how the game worked last year. And apparently still don’t, I thought you had to punch people to kill them as a ghost.

This is so annoying


Well there isn’t really any in-depth explanation of the game, or any game on The Hive for that matter, so I could see your confusion.

(Although I think it says “Punch to Activate” or something like that at the bottom by your hotbar as a Ghost).


it is quite unfair, especially the maps being quite small and the amount of ghost spawns! I was only able to win as the human ONCE! Check it.

BTW +1 vote for me.


The shot doesn’t register if you are too close to the ghost. You have to stay a good distance away for it to register.


but not too far because of the stupid max range…

I partied with @BlueSlimeMC yesterday and we won some games as Human. But I understand that it is an unfair advantage.


The range needs to be farther, 10 or 7 blocks should be enough, they need to fix loads of things, but this is a new game be aware!

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This game is from last year, it’s older than murder mystery lmao

Yes they just changed little things, reset stats and changed level rewards.