Getting players like your statistics/level

Getting players like your statistics/level sometimes its unfair when u level 10 and u get pros in the game

It can be so unfair im only level 10 and getting 50-75 level players.So this is you are level 10 and u only get like 35-1 level players and u have chance but if u playing against a level 75 guy so u dont have much chance to win because he know/better much than you. The game can know your stat and the game put players like on your level/statistics.

So basically you are suggesting a version of skill based match making in some games?

I think this is a good idea. I like the statistic matching the best because someone could easily just buy another account to kill/troll new players. One issue though: I believe this is already implemented. This is just a theory though. If not, +1 !

This is only implemented in the bridge as of yet. :wave: