Games for mixed arcade idea

I feel like some of the party games that are on java should come to bedrock since java is shutting down.

Some of the games on java were:
Battery dash which was a game where you had to charge your battery by running to the center of the game and collect enough experience and go back to your base and recharge the battery.

Electric floor or make block drop a permanent game.
These are similar games where you have to run and the floor will change colors (except electric floor is only one layer)

It would probably bring some java players over also since some of the games that they played are not on bedrock yet.

The Hive is working on making the minigame Mixed arcade (name may change), which is pretty much that.


There is a good chance that the Hive would be adding some of the arcade games from Java to Bedrock but not all unless they work their way around it.

Block Drop is a limited time mode (LTM) for possible community experience. I doubt that the hive would change their mind of not putting it in the upcoming mixed arcade.

Maybe, only if they are familiar and satisfied with Bedrock PvP mechanics. Remember, both platforms have different mechanics.

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True they do have different mechanics, and the games I listed were just examples.

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