Gamemode idea, Murder Mystery: The Courtroom

Murder Mystery: The Courtroom


This gamemode would have a max of 8 players, (of course 8 players are needed to start the game) 1 one them being the Judge, along with 6 suspects, one being the Murderer, and 1 Victim. The Victim has to choose which person is guilty and show evidence to the Judge. Once time is up, The Judge has to decide if the accused is guilty or innocent. if the Judge is correct and the accused is innocent, the game ends in a tie. if the Judge is correct and the accused is guilty, then the innocents win. If the Judge is wrong however, then the murderer wins.


If are a Suspect and are being accused, then you will have to answer a series of questions that the Judge asks you depending on the evidence the Victim provides. The game will last for about 1 and a half/2 minutes.

  • Correct-Innocent
    The Judge, The Victim, and The Accused all get 300 xp, while the Murderer and Other Innocents get 200 xp.
  • Correct-Guilty
    The Judge and The Victim get 300 xp, while The Other Innocents get 200 and The Murderer gets 100.
  • Incorrect-Innocent
    The Murderer gets 300 xp, The Victim, The Judge, The Accused, and Other Innocents get 100.
  • Incorrect-Guilty
    The Murderer gets 300 xp, The Victim gets 200 xp, The Judge and The Other Innocents get 100.

Final Thoughts

I would love to see this in the game, but if you think otherwise let me know! I’m open to all criticism. Thank you for reading! happy_tongue

Murder Mystery: The Courtroom

that took way too long to make

well but why i think this is a little…not like a game.
I really don’t know how to describe but I think it wasn’t like kind of game, it was like a part of a gamemode(hope you could understand what I tried to say


im sorry, but i don’t really understand.

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it’s just like you only have the discussion part in Among Us.
It’s a little too simple that it’s like a part of a gamemode rather than a complete gamemode. (Or maybe I understand it wrong ):

No, i understand now. Now that i think about it, it does sound like part of a game instead of the full game…

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