Gamemode idea: Hardcore kits

This gamemode is a survival based gamemode with solos, duos, and squads where players pick kits/job where they will get as much stuff to fight other players by mining and getting materials. They hav ea book that has 3 quests they can complete for an item based off of their kit,

FYI: Each separate version of this game has it’s own kits
Lumberjack: Iron axe, 16 logs, Crafting table
Miner: efficiency 1 Iron pickaxe, 1 iron block, 2 diamonds
Ember: Wooden sword, damaged flint and steal, 2 spell of fire trails
King: Iron sword, Shield, Golden apple
Enchanter: Stone sword, 4 books, 1 sharp 1 book, 1 plot 1 book
Lifestealer: Lifesteal sword(has aa 1/10 chance to steal 1 heart of health), 1 golden apple, 4 cobwebs
Marine: is granted dolphin’s grace, boat, and trident
Hunter: Zombie, skeleton, and spider spawn eggs, stone sword, 8 cooked beef
Wizard: granted 2 regen potions, 1 blindness potion, 1 speed potion, 8 snowballs
Pirate: 1 power 1 bow, 4 arrows, 16 emeralds, 1 villager spawn egg(that has a random profession)

levels work a lot differently in this game.
Every time you level up, you have the ability to add one level to that kit, which adds more items, which makes maxing out all 10 kits would mean your level 100. After this, you can prestige all kits, leading up to 5. after presaging once, you can’t get more stuff, just getting new titles(from prestige 1-5).

Thanks for reading this post! Reply on anything you want to be added to this post, it’s well appreciated! For now, Peace out :v:

So this is basically SkyWars: Kits except there are squads, and you have “quests”.

Anyway I think this idea of mining for materials and doing these “quests” will just make super slow paced. Is there some kind of grace period for this, or can you fight and do quests at the same time?

This would mean all the sweaty players would max out the game in days, and immediately get an extremely unfair advantage against all the people who are just playing for fun.

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Ok, so if you don’t know this game is based off for hoplite, a java server. The levels mechanic comes from being able to upgrade your kit in hoplite, along with the kits. Yes there is a grace period, and yes players can fight while doing quests. I didn’t say any of the quest items and objectives cause it would be too much. There is a 5 minute grace period, 5 minute fighting period, and death match where the border shrinks. After 5 minutes or only 1 person is left, the remaining player(s) win(s). There is not a big unfair advantage, as upgrading kits only adds items to the less worthy items of the kit, and you have to go up 1 level to add a level to a kit, meaning sweats would have to level up to upgrade their kit, but after Prestiging all their kits(by Prestiging) they can’t get any more items to your kit. Also, the World is small, caves are small, there is a small border, and this is a survival game, but with one life like survival games, but no chests. The game is still fast paced since it’s easy to mine.

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This sounds kinda fun, my only issue with it is that would it not mean higher level people are more OP, and so level up faster? This means it reverses the level, because you will be stuck with weak items at the beginning and strong at the end, meaning leveling is easier as time goes on


No. If you didn’t see my 1st reply, upgrading kits only adds extra items to the least worth items, like more wood for lumberjack, or more arrows/emeralds for pirate kit. So lower level players are not missing out on too much.


I see your point, I personally think that you should not get extra arrows for the pirate kit, because bow-spamming is such an issue.


yeah your right on the arrows part…


Yeah, i’d rather not make a big issue worse :sweat_smile: maybe you get more villager spawn eggs, or something like 1-2 emeralds per level?

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yeah that’s a good idea @Stellar6666 (:


Villager spawn!?! What for!?

trading for stuff.


I thought thisd be like SG cus it called HARDCORE

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I called it hardcore cause there’s already sg, which would mean this could misunderstood.

Hmm well it could get the same reception as the WII U which people just thought was an upgraded wii and i think thats what gonna happen (its not gonna work!)

Uhh no. This is more like uhc where you gather materials to win, sg is a game where you loot chests to get loot, not mining and grinding and stuff. However, you can heal with food, one major difference from uhc.

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So UHC Kits?

Does it satnd for ultre hard core?

yes it does stand for ultra hardcore, however it is similar to this game as you get rescources through mining most of the time, but like survival games cause you can heal from eating. I also wouldn’t call it UHC Kits


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Ummm kinda I guess it is a kits game like UHC without the ultra hardcore part, just hardcore.