Game Instructions

I feel like the current method of explaining how to play a certain game is not working so well, because it can be ignored by new players since it’s seen in the side of the screen. Maybe it can be done the same way it’s done in Sonic Party Games? It will appear on your screen before the game starts, lasting about 5 seconds, and its format can be similar to MM. The main text will be the role/team color, and the subtext will be the explanation of the role (subtext will only the explain the game in JB, TW, SW, and SG since they have no more than one role). And of course this can be disabled/enabled with a command.

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That would delay the game…it is annoying to wait on it so I can start playing…they will learn eventually

Like I said, if you want you can remove it with a command.

But then some people would have an advantage bc they have more time