Game experience - Modifiers


Add small modifiers that allow players to make partial or minor changes to their game experience. While waiting for the match to start, players could modify their round to make it harder, but gain more experience while doing so (just like a multiplier). Players can click on an item or npc to access modifiers menu in a specific game. For example, Murder Mystery, Modifier 1: Every player has the same skin + 10% exp boost. Modifier 2: Start the game with slowness + 10% exp boost and etc…
Note: These modifiers will only affect you and not the other players. These modifiers could help
players to challenge themselves to progress faster and at the same time play differently than usual.

More information:
These modifiers could be used in all mini games to give players extra challenges. Here are some quick examples for a few mini games.

Hide and Seek:

  • Mod 1: Gain slowness (10% exp)
  • Mod 2: No seeker name tags (10% exp)

Treasure wars:

  • Mod 1: Gain weakness (10% exp)
  • Mod 2: Items cost more (10% exp)

Block Drop:

  • Mod 1: Start on the second floor (10% exp)
  • Mod 2: Start with two less vaults (10% exp)


  • Mod 1: Longer vault cooldown (10% exp)
  • Mod 2: Gain blindness (10% exp)

The list goes on…
It doesn’t have to be a 10% experience boost but between 10 to 20 should be fine depending on modifiers difficulty.

I actually find this idea great!

This one doesn’t seem good though, I usually drop down to the second one instantly because it’s easier to get powerups. Maybe replace it with slowness?


There was something similar to this on Java called “Hardcore mode” But you got “Hardcore points” for that and points are not a thing on here so subbing it for XP sounds like a good idea.


I dont see why the game needs to be unnecessarily harder (im not saying ur idea is bad) but ig would be a good alternative if anyone feels like challenging themselves while also being rewarded.

Probably might also be good for content, who knows?


If this gets added, the skin everyone’s wearing better be yellow Steve.


That’s a good one. But somewhat on that theme, everyone being hot pink, with some twist to look better, in reference to pinkidous (pink glitch as it’s officially referred)


When grinding out games like hide and seek, this would be so helpful, because most of the seekers were pure trash (me included) and I would definitely be using this, and I would do this every now and then just for a bit of fun lol



This is a very good idea, voted!


i like this idea!


I know it hasn’t been long but ima bump this

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Nah it’s fine this needs to be added. :crossed_fingers:


Because I feel like this needs to be bumped here are some more ideas:

Murder Mystery

  • slowness
  • blindness
  • no bow (or throwing item as murderer)
  • no intractables (lower xp reward for this one)
  • no unique skins, they will be all the same (higher xp reward)
  • if possible - highlighted, everyone can an indicator in close-ish area.
  • a. White if you’re innocent
  • b. A little more xp if you are the sherif with blue
  • c. and even more for being the murder with a red indicator.

Because of the sheer number of modifier possible, there should be a limit on how much xp boost you can get. With hive plus, a booster and all modifier you could get in theory greater than 150%. As such maybe a cap, you can only modify xp gain to 100%, maybe for hive + it’s un capped but that kinda feels unfair in my eyes, though that’s my own opinion.

Also it should be discussed the reasonable amounts of xp gains for the modifiers.
Theirs is also plenty of games for more ideas and more ideas for the other games listed. Some more games for modifiers include:

Block party
Capture the flag
Just build
Block drop
Ground wars
Survival games