FTCC (Faster than chat communication)

i suggest this primarily for TW and SW Duo+

So my idea is that you have sort of a Shortcut command with pre written sentences to tell your team about stuffs without even opening chat.

the game would transmit it to your teamate if they exist. it should be announced instead of said by a player as some (like me) have privacy problems, unable to hear what anyone except friends said. but from the server its fine.

a few suggestion of words to start off. id like it to be simple and broad so someone can tell multiple things with just one word. depending on what they are doing

  • Movement:
    “Follow me”
  • Action:
  • Confirmation:
    “I cant”

I think this can be a good way to communicate without losing pace. but how the hive wants to implement it ive no idea. perhaps an item that when used give it a tab and you can pick one of many.

also the choice of words could be something the hive could originalize. for example like above, using guard instead of yours defend

I like this idea! it would also be very handy for xbox/ps4 players who cant type as fast. you ve got my vote!

also be sure to vote for your own suggestion to show that you want it!

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I think this would be great!

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rOcKeT lEaGuE pLaYeRs gO bRrR

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“What a save!”
“What a save!”
“What a save!”

except its probably

“What a fight!”
“What a fight!”
“What a fight!”


I am very surprised this hasn’t been suggested before :o
Brilliant Idea!

There should be a little bit of a delay like 1 to 2 seconds because this can become spammable

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I would imagine it would only be seen by your team though.

Don’t you dare forget mobile! :\

errr i play on mobile and i have no issues with typing on it whatsoever, its almost as fast as pc



Actually I agree it’s exactly the same just a pop up keyboard


just you need to press open chat.
wait a second
press the type bar
wait till keyboard pops up

its still pretty hectic. though fast yea

Switch lags every time I try to chat so voted


so like, i think lifeboats, quick chat book?

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hmmmmm i really wana L one for when you beat an annoying player or cheater

What’s a quick chat book?


it’s a book, but modded so a gui pops up with buttons to send the selected chat message

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pretty accurate - and as you said. intuitive to know what it does

yeah pretty much like that or except if hive can mod or do something with the emote settings or et cetera to make a dedicated button for it

I’m going to bump this as it will very much help console players

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