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I’m making this suggestion because Hive hasn’t done anything to solve this problem, but the Hive friends list needs an update, people who have the 150 friends cap have to keep removing people to make new space for new friends.

Solution: Increase the friends list, its been 4 years since Hive has done anything related to the friends cap, 150 is not enough, if they could increase the cap to 500 or more that would make everyones lifes so much easier, or even better they could let us have unlimited friends instead of unadding inactive players, then having to add someone new

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I think 300 would be enough. I am not a programmer or anything, but I am guessing, if they let people have infinite friends, it would be impossible to store all of that data. I think they have a Friends Cap for a reason.


You can just remove inactive friends

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That’s what I do i clear my friends list who are inactive

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Friend slot limits are not only there to help save data but also as rank perks.
The best thing Hive could do at the moment is release a new rank with better perks that include also more friend slots, it would not only help financially but also raise hype.


I just read this

There isn’t a problem with the friend list

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there is, if you been playing Hive for years and been having to add and unadd people for space thats a problem

I have played for years, and no, I don’t friend everyone I see. I have about 20/150 friends on my list. Again, no problem with having to unfriend people

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There’s a difference for when you grind a game, you add people who play that same game. We get it you don’t add people but if so then this doesn’t apply to you. If you grind u add more people to play with them so you don’t solo queue for play with randoms. And for when you’re grinding you play with everyone and when you have to unadd to add new people it gets tedious and overwhelming, it’d be easier to add more friend slots then 150.Also there wouldn’t be any issues with making more friend slots.

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