Friend Menu text improvement [German]

Affected Language:

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Friendlist Menu

Affected Text:
[Zuletzt gesehen: vor x y]
(y = Minuten, Stunden, Tagen…)

Suggested Text:
[Zuletzt gesehen vor: x y]
(y = Minuten, Stunden, Tagen…)

Explanation of Issue:
Well in german we always put the colon in front of the time. It just doens’t look right if you have the word “vor” after the colon.
But I know this would bring trouble with the text in the second screen: “[Zuletzt gesehen: gerade eben]”.
But if you change this to "[Zuletzt gesehen vor: wenigen Sekunden] this text would be fine then.

Screenshots and/or video:

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion!

Unfortunately, due to how this function works in the code, it isn’t possible to implement this suggestion.