French replay cinema translation

Affected Language:
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Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Where is the affected text?
When you type /replaypass
Affected Text:
Please type the text, exactly as it appears in-game
Ton pass Cinéma Replay expire dans 2 ans.

Suggested Text:
Please type your suggested correction/improvement
Ton pass de Cinéma replay expire dans 2 ans.

Explanation of Issue:
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It is an improper way of phrasing the sentence and could cause problems.

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Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion.

Though your suggestion is correct, we are unfortunately unable to implement your suggested change to a limitation in our code.

We may implement a code change in the future, but given the low impact of this, it will likely remain as it is for now.

Have a great day :slight_smile: