Free lemon costume

Hello everyone, I have a new costume idea, it will be a free costume, some places will have lemonade, and we will find them and get a free lemon costume.

Honestly considering they’ve given out 1 completely free costume and like 3 or 4 you could get during the holidays searching for snowballs or whatever, they don’t really need to do this, maybe during the summer but I don’t exactly see this happening. Also, it would be a better idea to have to find lemon bushes or something instead lol


what if we have to find bee hives to get some costume?
I’ll still vote on this though

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A bee-themed costume does seem like it would be more on brand for a permanent hub hunt, if that’s what we’re suggesting :o I’d be all for that since It’d be nice to offer just one costume for players who can’t afford to buy them and have missed previous free ones. :honeybee:


There is already a lemon costume.

This was made before it was added

A bee costume already exists. You have the buy the Ultimate Rank on Java Edition. Making another bee costume would make this seem less-rare. I took some screenshots of me wearing it so that those who haven’t seen it can here.


yes i see you wearing that alot

when i said that this costume just didn’t come to my mind but I do agree about what you said… Having that costume is a privilege i guess